Protein Spread
Protein Spread

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Protein Spread

Love these spreads, they taste great and are the perfect healthy alternative! - Adam


Drizzleable, dunkable, and straight-up-spoonable, our Protein Spreads take toast to the next level. Packed with premium whey protein to support your fitness goals, they're here to up the spread game, whether you're team chocolate hazelnut or a white chocolate wild card.

We think we’ve pulled the ultimate culinary hat trick – our Spreads are low sugar, veggie-friendly and irresistibly creamy. Plus, they’re palm oil and GMO free, so you can tuck in knowing there’s no nasties hiding in your jar. Why stop at toast? Perfect baked into oats for that fudgy filling, slapped on pancake stacks, dolloped onto your protein mug cakes... the options are endless! Breakfast, dessert, snack, or straight from the jar – no judgement here – get ready for the chocolate revolution.

What is Protein Spread?

Our team has worked their magic to deliver a cocoa protein hit that will seriously satisfy your sweet tooth.

Get your knives, spoons, and mixing bowls ready. Line your brownie tins. Prime your toasters. Thick and creamy – and oh-so-chocolatey – we’re making sure you get the best of both worlds: more protein, less sugar, and absolutely no palm oil or GMOs. Now that’s news worth spreading (see what we did there?).

  • Zero palm oil
  • GMO free
  • 20g of protein per 100g serving
  • Gelatin free & suitable for vegetarians
  • Minimised environmental impact
  • 92% lower sugar*
  • 81 calories per serving
  • Perfect for spreading and baking
  • INSANE taste (a given!)

*Compared to main supermarket brands (Chocolate Hazelnut flavour)

Fuel Your Fitness and Lifestyle Goals

With 20% protein per serving, smashing your goals has never been easier (or more delicious!). Whether you’re looking to power a killer workout, or just searching for a daily chocolate fix that fits into your lifestyle, Protein Spread is your new cupboard staple.

Each jar is jam-packed with our signature high-quality whey to ensure you’re getting a great source of protein with every serving, and all the flavour Protein Works is known for. Win-win!

Flavour Under The Microscope

When it comes to our ingredients, transparency is everything. We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. That’s why our Spreads are 100% palm oil free, so you know you’re making a more sustainable choice.

Our Protein Spreads are also made without GMOs or gelatin. No matter if you’re following a vegetarian or low-sugar diet – or simply trying to make more environmentally-conscious food decisions – we’ve got you covered in two delicious flavours.

Choc Hazelnut- Be prepared to take your tastebuds to the next level, with this delightful chocolate Hazelnut spread which is the perfect protein spread for bread. The chocolate Hazelnut flavour provides a robust hazelnut flavour that coexists with a sweet, milky cocoa undertone. Additionally, it had the ideal amount of sweetness and a creamy texture for spreading.

White Chocolate-The white chocolate spread provides the perfect solution for white chocolate lovers! White chocolate is a sweet tooth's dream come true. For those who find the intense cocoa flavours of milk to be a little too rich or if they merely want something a bit special, its creamy, velvety taste is a fantastic substitute. Don’t forget to spread on your favourite bread!

How Can I Use It?

This is where our Protein Spreads truly shine. They’re the definition of versatility. We’ve worked tirelessly to deliver indulgent, chocolate goodness with a silky-smooth texture, so you can go wild in the kitchen!

Maybe you’re a traditionalist: spoon it on your oats, slap it on your bagels. Level up your apple slices. Avocado toast, step aside: sweet sourdough is where it’s at (topped with sliced strawberries if you’re feeling fancy).

Or, maybe you’re a dessert fiend. S’mores, Instagrammable freakshakes, loaded waffles… Need we say more?

Chefs among you, fear not. These mighty Spreads will make your next blondie/brownie/cupcake batch star-baker worthy. Why not pair it with our Protein Mug Cake mix for a sweet-tooth-busting, protein-packed pudding?

(All that said, if you can’t resist some right from the jar… your secret’s safe with us.)

Please Note: flavour imagery is only a serving suggestion and for illustration purposes. It does not represent actual flavour ingredients.

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