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What Is Diet Whey Protein?

Diet protein shakes are traditionally used by people who r...

What Is Diet Whey Protein?

Diet protein shakes are traditionally used by people who require a little additional supplement support to lose weight. Many people from Protein Works community tend to use a low calorie, low carbohydrate single-source protein like whey protein isolate. But equally, many will favour a more comprehensive formula made from protein powder with additional ingredients. Like Diet Whey Complex which contains the heavily researched CLA and a premium-grade source of green tea tablets. Basically, here at Protein Works we have all bases covered. Every protein shake you could think of to help fit into your diet.

Specifically the Diet Whey Protein range section of Protein Works website is for our premium-grade single source diet proteins. Those whey protein powders that have undergone advanced microfiltration technology to ensure they contain less carbs, calories and lactose. What’s left is an incredibly pure form of whey protein like our Diet Whey Isolate 95 and Naked Diet Whey Isolate 90. To put it more simply, they are an advanced and scientifically treated form of our whey protein which we became famous for. Like it’s leaner, lower calorie sister (or brother).

It’s also important we stress we innovate, formulate and manufacture everything in house. This means the Diet Whey Protein Range is proudly manufactured to the exact same high standards as our best-selling Peanut Butter and innovative Protein Bars. Essentially, we are passionate and committed to offering the highest quality and the widest range of products at exceptional value for money. Which is why our diet shakes are celebrated in the fitness and nutrition media.

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